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Purple Rose Campaign

This two-year campaign was built on a recommendation from the Women’s International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP) in August 1998.

Hosted by GABRIELA – Philippines (a national alliance of women’s organizations), the recommendation to launch an international education and action campaign against the trafficking of Filipino women is being implemented in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe.

The local campaign was launched by the Philippine Women Centre in December 1999 in conjunction with an intensive research project into the situation of Filipino mail-order brides in Canada. A major activity in Vancouver was the fundraising concert in March 2000 for International Women’s Day. Through public education, support will be developed towards an international conference on the trafficking of Filipino women to be held in the Philippines in July 2000 and to be hosted by GABRIELA.


  1. · To raise awareness and provide public education about the trafficking of Filipino women in Canada, particularly “mail-order brides” (MOBs), entertainers and domestic workers;
  2. To support the research and documentation into the situation and needs of these women;
  3. To develop resources and support the international campaign of GABRIELA (Philippine-based alliance of women’s organizations) leading up to an international conference on the trafficking of Filipino women in the year 2000.

Help Support the Purple Rose Campaign

  • Donating $100.00 to receive a signed poster, titled Purple Rose’, painting by Nora Patrich, a well-renowned artist
  • Purchasing posters of the same painting at $10.00 each and distributing them among your friends
  • Distributing pledge cards for mailing to relevant officials and Purple Roses for wearing on lapels to help increase public awareness, for a donation of $2.00 for each pledge card and purple rose
  • Offering in-kind and/or monetary donations
  • Attend he July 1999 International Conference against Trafficking Filipino Women in Manila (hosted by Gabriella)
  • Volunteering for the campaign!


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