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Philippine Women Centre Catering


When the Philippine Women Centre was founded over a decade ago, one of its main objectives was to help empower immigrant women through self-help projects and community economic development programs. We believe that to improve the quality of our lives and our community, we have to work together to achieve a common objective. Our catering service is a part of our overall endeavour to better our lives. Through our catering, we learn to develop our own skills, work in cooperation, build self-reliance, and ultimately, become empowered.


Philippine Women Centre Catering has been providing its services to individuals, community groups, non-profit societies and businesses since 1989. We are a versatile and creative team. Our experience ranges from catering for small groups of 20 people, up to large parties of 350 people. We provide excellent service in any setting from homes to halls, from luncheons to banquets, or from consultations to conferences.


Our menu price includes all cloth, napkins, glassware and cutlery, and our buffet tables are skirted to the floor with attractive indigenous Filipino cloth. Our service staff are included for the entire service period and are dedicated to provided the highest quality of service. The minimum number that you expect must be guaranteed at least 48 hours in advance. If your numbers increase after your guarantee has been given, we can normally accommodate your needs. You will be charged for the guaranteed amount or the actual number of guest that are served, whichever is greater.

For current menu prices, or general inquiries please contact Philippine Women Centre Catering:

Kalayaan Centre
451 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1G7 email:
ph/fax: 604-215-1103


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