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North American Consultation of Women of Philippine Ancestry.

500 women expected to gather in Seattle, U.S.A for the historic North American Consultation of Women of Philippine Ancestry.

With the first generation Americans and Canadians comprising more than half of the Filipino communities in the United States and Canada, and with 65% of such communities being female, there is a need for the comprehensive understanding of the policies and processes which have governed migration from the Philippines.

Such understanding must take into consideration the root causes of migration, supply-demand factors in the international labor market, economic development plans and the role of international lending organizations.

In addition, women of Philippine ancestry need to relate such macro-level events to their personal and familial circumstances.  Because the formal educational system does not incorporate such studies in curricula across the continent, and because there is a dearth of books and informational material on the subject, it is necessary to create the medium by which women of Philippine ancestry can come together for the purpose of learning and exchanging information and insight.

The North American consultation can be viewed as a mammoth teach-in, to which Filipinas of Canada and the United States can bring their particular truths and relate to the historical truth of Philippine migration.

Since the 1960's, Filipino women were the pioneers in building the growing and dynamic Filipino community in Canada.  This consultation will be the first time in history that first, second, third generation Filipino women in Canada and the United States will come together to share their individual and collective stories.  Not only will the conference gather Filipino women from Canada and the United States, but also renowned Filipino women from the Philippines and Europe are invited to speak.

"As a second generation Filipino Canadian, I am truly looking forward to this upcoming North American gathering," states Dr. Lynn Farrales, vice-chair of the Philippine Women Centre of B.C. "For years, I have struggled with my identity as a woman and as a Filipino.  To partake in this conference will be an important step towards understanding my community's history and building towards our future. I am excited to be part of this history of Filipino women and to integrate with other women in other parts of the world, especially women from the Philippines"

The forthcoming North American Consultation of Women of Philippine Ancestry in Seattle, Washington, USA, this coming October 2001 will provide Filipino women in Canada to gather with Filipino women in America to share stories, the cries for justice and equality, and to understand the personal and collective history of migration, struggle, and resistance.


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