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North American Consultation of Women of Philippine Ancestry.

Planned activities
Beginning Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 7, in Seattle, Washington, USA, a gathering of 500 women will listen to presentations, lectures and cultural activities, and participate in discussions on the various issues impacting Filipino women's daily lives.  At the end of the marathon
exchange, they will work together to create a program of action to address specific critical issues.

Subjects to be tackled:

1) Labor Migration

(3 speakers:  Canadian, US, Philippine)

  • History of and current trends in the import of labor by US and Canada; new jobs for new needs in Canada and the US; discrimination and exclusion in immigration rules and policies
  • History of and current trends in the export of labor from the Philippines; development under globalization policies; impact on the home front
  • Differences in labor markets:  Asia and the Pacific Rim, Middle East, Europe, and North America
  • Creating the supply of cheap labor: international lending agencies and their impact on the economies of developing countries

2) Domestic work
(3 speakers:  Canadian, US, Europe)

  • History and current trends in the export of domestic workers from the Philippines
  • History and current trends in domestic work in the US; correlation to migration and racism
  • History and current trends in domestic work in Canada: correlation to migration and racism
  • Analysis of domestic work in terms of class,
    gender, and race

3) Generational Perspectives

  • Similarities and differences among first, second, and third generation women of Philippine ancestry in terms of identity, experience, culture, and perspectives

4) The Traffic of Women

  • Differences/similarities in the origins of prostitution in the West and in countries like the Philippines
  • Definitions of trafficking: the Western perspective and Philippine views
  • Decriminalization versus legalization :
    analyzing the sex worker model
  • Modes of trafficking in Canada and the US

5) Overview: The Role of the Womens Movement in Social Transformation

  • History of the women's movement in the US, Canada, and the Philippines
  • Womens role in social transformation




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